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STAGE 1- ECITB MJI Training – Classroom Training & Practical Boltings

The technical training standards and 3 Elements of Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) - Level 1 Training (session planned in 2.5 days) provided are as below:

  • MJI10 - Hand Torque Bolted Connections – Dismantle, prepare and secure hand torque bolted connections.
  • MJI18 - Hydraulically Tension Bolted Connections - Dismantling, assemble and tension bolted connections using hydraulic tensioning equipment.
  • MJI19 - Dismantling, Assembling and Tightening Bolted Connections - Dismantle, assemble and tighten bolted connections using powered torque equipment.


For the employer, they can use the approved training courses, ECITB Technical Tests and associated certificate of achievement to ensure their workforce has the necessary skill, ability and knowledge to carry specialist critical bolting task safely and correctly.

As for the trainee, this recognized training courses provide successful Technical Test and associated certificate of achievement indicates the possession of skills, ability and job knowledge in specialist critical bolting.

For training course reservation or further details on the program, schedule & fee, please contact :

Parish Laing –Training Coordinator 


H/P: +6012-8457769 

Aspajati Training Centre (ATC) ECITB Approved Provider - East Malaysia & Brunei Region

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